Algorithms that boost your mental agility

At Mensior we work on measurement and processing of mental activity for consumer and business applications


The first integrated car-and-mental telemetry experience
to improve a pro driver’s peak performance

Our technology selected by a pro racing simulator centre to offer a complete outlook of the driver-car ecosystem, to support race driver monitor in real time also on mental performance. Pro driver’s performance is a combination of psychological performance (mental skills), technical and tactical mastery and physical health. Real time monitoring of the simulator parameters as well of the driver’s mental status gives the right indicators to technicians, managers and coaches for effective feedback while running a simulated session. 

Accelerated by

Value My Brain
Egamers Edition

Get in the flow. Score Higher!


Are you a gamer? Do you want to score more? Do you want to share your mental scoreboard with your friends? Here you can find the right training solution for you.


Play your game, wear our sensor, watch your mental agility changing and train using one of our training workouts. You do not need to make changes to your gamer's habits.


Our product is built over neuroscience scientific research; we are partnering with Milan Catholic University.

Trust in numbers

Algorithms are based on a proven neuroscience framework and all is going well. Contact us to be one of our egamer challengers

Value My Brain - Egamers Edition (patent pending)

is an app equipped with an EEG sensor. It only needs a Bluetooth connection with a regular pc. The sensor is paired with our application and measures your brain activity; when you reach the Flow you will score more. The analysis of your performances suggests which brain training workouts are the right for you to perform better as a gamer.

How does it work?

Value My Brain hacks the flow state and creates flow experiences for the gamer.

The more the gamer practises being in flow, the greater his or her ability to trigger flow on command.

These flow experiences are created through mental workouts and can be practised by anyone. The Flow State is experienced by business executives, pro athletes, astronauts, extreme sports athletes. It is science, so nothing mystical about it.


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