Value My Brain
Smart Helmet

Monitoring mental workload – Improving workers’ health and safety


Are you an employer that cares about the employees’ safety? Here you can find the right and cost effective solution for you.


You do not need to make significant changes, the only thing you need is to upgrade your current safety helmets to our smart helmet.


Our product is built over neuroscience scientific research; we are partnering with Milan Catholic University

Trust in numbers

Algorithms fine tuning is a daily task. We always look for new companies to test our helmet, contact us!

Value My Brain Smart Helmet

is a top of the line Protective Helmet equipped with an EEG sensor. It is used as an usual Personal Protective Equipment and it does not need new tools to be introduced in the employees’ routines. It only needs a Bluetooth connection with a regular smartphone

How does it work?

The Smart Helmet is paired with the employee’s smartphone on the first day, then it will work automatically once Bluetooth is enabled. During the work hours, it measures the employee’s brain activity and it detects any dangerous changes in the attention level.
An alarm will inform the employee that a break or a change of task is needed in order to avoid a major injury.

million production days lost in US because of work accidents every year (National Safety Council – USA - 2017)
accidents caused by losing control of machines, tools or transport and handling equipment (EU 2015)
accidents caused by slipping, stumbling or falling (EU 2015)
accidents caused by body moving under or with physical stress (EU 2015)

We focus on Neuroscience
for People and business

Our aim is to fight work accidents due to human error to improve every day workers’ life.

We originated from scientific researches in Neuroscience with a Tecnology Transfer project. The goal is to use the lastest neuroscientific researchs in industrial world


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